Air Foil Science Experiment

My daughter and I finished the air foil experiment. We ended up building two different wings. One would fly with a lower wind speed. The experiment was to predict which wing flew better and explain why.
We got a “participant” ribbon.
The judges couldn’t get the wings to fly at all. Even though we tested them many times at our house and Bethany demonstrated it successfully during class.
I tried to get the wings to fly during the science fair and they didn’t work at all. The wings looked fine. They just didn’t fly anymore. This made Bethany really mad.
Megan also entered an exhibit. Her exhibit was on diabetes. Of the four first graders who entered a project, Megan got not the first prize, nor second, nor third, but an Honorable Mention ribbon. This infuriated Bethany, but we didn’t want to tell her why Megan did so well. Because we didn’t want Megan to feel bad about coming in last. She really liked the honorable mention ribbon.


Here at work we began printing Star Wars calendars about a week ago. An Episode III and Darth Vador calendar. Both are really nice. I especially like the Episode III calendar with the really cool pictures from the unreleased movie.
I felt it was weird that we were printing two different covers for the Episode III calendar. The second cover was totally different and made it seem like it came from a different publisher. The inside of the calendar used the exact same art.
So I asked what the deal was. The production planner informed me that the second version will be printed on thinner paper and sold thru WalMart. The normal calendar would be printed on thicker paper and sold through all other channels.
Part of me wasn’t surprised. WalMart prides itself on selling items for less. One way to sell items cheaper is to make them cheaper.


I setup a new Dell PC for my mother-in-law and found out they still come with PS/2 mice and keyboard connections. For some reason I thought the largest PC manufacture in the world would have totally switched over to a USB standard by now.
This doesn’t bode well for the Mac mini. People really will have to buy new mice and keyboard if they plan on switching. I believe there are USB adaptors for PS/2 mice and keyboards so maybe Apple stores should keep a stock of those as well.

My mother-in-law decided recently to get her own Dell and gave back the iMac I loaned her. My wife and I decided that Megan should get the computer.
So I spent yesterday installing Mac OS X 10.3.8. I dumped a copy of They Might Be Giant’s No into iTunes. And now she is the happiest little person in the world.
She types in TextEdit. She plays Jewel Toy like a pro. If the computer had a CD burner I am sure she’ll mixing her own CD.

Diecom Light Gun Progress

So after I finished The Rat mouse it seemed like time to revisit the Diecom Light Gun interface. Two years ago Joe Zbiciak shocked me by suggesting that the the interface needs to be polled once every scan line, not every frame like I had thought.
Then after I had dissembled the supporting code from the game Iron Forest. I discovered the the device was not being reset on every scan line. It turned out there wasn’t enough time time during the the horizontal refresh to cycle thru all sixteen states.
But Joe reassured me that it just meant that there was a constant drift that should be eiasly accounted for. I am in the middle of that problem right now and have should have it solved soon.