Fixing Email

On my way to work today, I saw a billboard that said (in really large letters): Fixing Email. Not just a job, but a passion.
I’ve been running an email server on the internet for five years. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason spam is such a problem is because email it easy and cheap to send email. So stopping spam (at it’s source) can only be accomplished by making email hard and expensive to send. I believe that is the wrong approach.
I use bayesian classification to filter my email on my machine. I have a 99.93% success rate. The specific product is PopFile and I am here to tell you it works very well.


A long time ago I read the original Dune series by Frank Herbert. Just recently a friend of mine gave me a copy of Dune, The Butlerian Jihad and I am really enjoying it.

My original boss at where I worked left about two years after I was hired. My current boss decided to take a picture of the Village People and substitute our faces as a parting gift. Hilarity ensude!
Extra points if you can identify me and my coworkers.

Olivia the Great

My wife got a new dog recently. A Rat Terrier she named Olivia. She promptly chewed up a Tandy Delux Color Computer joystick. This made me very angry. I eventually go over it.