Air Foil Science Experiment

My daughter and I finished the air foil experiment. We ended up building two different wings. One would fly with a lower wind speed. The experiment was to predict which wing flew better and explain why.
We got a “participant” ribbon.
The judges couldn’t get the wings to fly at all. Even though we tested them many times at our house and Bethany demonstrated it successfully during class.
I tried to get the wings to fly during the science fair and they didn’t work at all. The wings looked fine. They just didn’t fly anymore. This made Bethany really mad.
Megan also entered an exhibit. Her exhibit was on diabetes. Of the four first graders who entered a project, Megan got not the first prize, nor second, nor third, but an Honorable Mention ribbon. This infuriated Bethany, but we didn’t want to tell her why Megan did so well. Because we didn’t want Megan to feel bad about coming in last. She really liked the honorable mention ribbon.