I biked down to Santos Pacheco Fountain today. Before now I didn’t know it existed. I normally just ride thru the park, eventually making a loop back to my home. But this time I heard something different. I looked into walking path and found a small fountain.
I noticed it this time because it was loud. I don’t think they have ever turned it up this high before. The water made such a roar. Much too loud for it’s size.
I sat down on the fountain bench and turned my back to it. I could see thru a double arch way into Todos Santos park. It was dusk and many families were packing up, getting ready to go home.
But every time I tried to think of something else, the rushing water always brought my attention back to it. All of a sudden instead of sitting on a concrete bench, I was sitting on a 200 ton granite boulder watching the water of Nevada Falls fall over it’s lip. Crashing 600 feet below. I was 20 years younger, with my brother and sister. We were just part way thru the hike up to Half Dome.
But now I am back in Concord. It’s getting dark. Time to ride back.