Sophie’s Visit

Last weekend my brother and his wife went on a trip out-of-town. He asked me if I could watch Sophie while they were gone. Since I have not had much time getting to know my niece I jumped at the chance.
My wife was also going out of town that weekend, taking my younger daughter, Megan. My older daughter, Bethany, would be gone most of Saturday at a church event. So it was going to be just me watching my two year old niece.
It has been a long time since I’ve watched a child this young all by myself. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Sophie really liked the pets we have here. Three cats and a dog. You can imagine how much the cats liked being hugged by a two year old. But the dog actually enjoyed all the attention. Sometime she hugged a little too hard, but Sophie was very receptive to suggestions to ease up a little.
Twenty-four hours later my brother and his wife came to pick up their daughter and the Lindner household became just a bit quieter.

iPhoto sharing

I have two users on my Mac, myself and my wife. One of the things that really bothered me with iPhoto is sharing photos between users. Depending who dumped the camera, that person would get that roll. Some photos are under my user, some photos are under her user.

With every new iPhoto release I would hope Apple would address this issue. Well, it turned out they addressed it a long time ago. iPhoto has the option of sharing your library using Bonjour discovery. I always associated this feature with sharing photo albums between two machines. But with fast user switching, you can have one iPhoto sharing its albums between users.

Just turn on photo share under one user and the other user will see every shared photo. It’s fantastic.