Alaska and Hawaii

Last Saturday I took the kids to see the movie Cars. We all enjoyed it, but on the drive home my oldest daughter (Bethany) asked there were really small towns like that. Heck I grew up in one. Except it was highway 33 not route 66. So I said there must have been hundreds of places like that.
Then she asked where did route 66 start and finish? After I told her (Chicago to Los Angeles) I said I was partial to Interstate 5. I had to explain it goes from Mexico to Canada, then on into Alaska.
She she said in the most dead-pan voice, you can drive to Alaska? Sure I said, just go thru Canada and you’ll end up in Alaska.
She insisted, you can’t drive to Alaska because it is down by Hawaii. I thought that was a strange thing to say. But then I realized what she meant. I said to her she needs to spend more time in front of a globe, and less time in front of that flat map of the United States.