I am getting really close to finishing up a MacMESS release. I feel when Raphael see the release he will be very unhappy. I took out imgtool support, and natural keyboard support.

The current binary is really solid, and worthy of releasing to the community who have waited far to long for a release. My plan is to quickly finish up the remaining issues I have, then release. Then fix any issues that come in from the user community, update to the latest MAME/MESS versions add back in natural keyboard support and do another release.

Then my goal would be to write support for the new MAME debugger. That is, after all, the whole reason I started on this path!


In the morning sun
around seven o’clock
The parking lot fills around Toy’s R Us
And my little girl, she will get her way
Riding around on

Toddler Highway
Take my clothes and play
Toddler Highway


My family just spent the weekend at Disneyland in Los Angles. I sure do love going there.
I think I had more fun at the California Adventure theme park than the main park. I like the rides better and the shows are good also. I must recommend the Aladdin show. Here is a trick to get good seats: get in line early!
If you can’t do that do what we did. Get in line late, very late. Then when you don’t get in to see the show they’ll feel sorry for you and take your name for the next show. Now you have 45 minutes to have a quick dinner. Show up in line very late again, eventually you’ll work your way to the podium, give your name and you’ll be whisked away to the front of the line and be let in first. Before even the VIPs who paid extra for special treatment. That’s sweet.
This is the second time I’ve been to California’s Adventure park and think it is highly underrated. The California Screaming roller-coaster is a very fun ride. Soaring Over California is a great “experience flying” kind of ride — very hard to describe. It’s sort of like hang-gliding with 45 of your best friends. They also have the best water ride I’ve ever been on. But then again, I don’t get around much!