Color Computer and Multi-Pak Base Plate

A Color Computer and attached Multi-Pak Interface can be a precarious combination. There is nothing latching the two together so one wrong bump can cause the two to separate. This has a high possibility of frying the CoCo or the Multi-Pak Interface. During the CoCo’s run in the 80s, there were many advertisements selling a “locking” plate for your computer combination. I just finished up a base plate for my CoCo 3 (26-3334) & MPI (26-3124).

The CNC router I have access to has a knife tool used for cutting paper. So first I cut out a paper sample to check fit.
First CoCo/MPI base plate template

Then I cut a second, and then a third.
Last CoCo/MPI base plate template
Finally happy, I routed out a base plate from ¼ inch plywood.
CoCo/MPI base plate quarter ¼ inch plywood

The CoCo stands 0.28″ high so I am hoping I have enough air flow under the case. In case I don’t I’ve designed a second template with cut-outs under the vents.
Close up of CoCo/MPI base plate

Here are PDFs of the files so people can see what they look like.
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.55.21 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.55.10 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.32.48 AM

And here is a link to the CAD files. For material as thick as ¼ inch I really do suggest the “vented” template.

The wood base plate I cut works with all of the CoCo 2s and 3s I have. I’m considering drawing some other combinations:

  • CoCo 1 with Original MPI (done, added 10/23/2014)
  • CoCo 1 with New MPI (done, added 10/25/2014)
  • CoCo 2/3 with Original MPI

Let me know. If the response is high enough I’ll do it.

I won’t be offering routing services.