RS Color Computer Program Bak Box

In 2016 I decided reprint the boxes Radio Shack used to distribute game cartridges. They used the term Program Pak. The boxes were interesting because they used the manual cover as the face of the box. And the cartridge label as the box spine. Very economical, very Radio Shack.
I printed 2,000 boxes and have sold and given away almost all of them. I have about 50 left and use them only for trading.
I have no interest in printing any more. If you would like to, be my guest. Below are the print ready files.
But beware: every printer you send this file to will try to change the dieline to make it easier to print. The internal structure is really important for everything to line up.


Print ready box art


Construction Sheet

Here is a video I made about assembling a box:

Here is a video I made about the process of printing the box: