My name is tim lindner. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My main hobby is computer emulation. I relive my youth by focusing on my Tandy Color Computer and Mattel Intellivision.

I work in the commercial printing field as a Digital Stripper. I like the way that sounds.

I consider myself a computer programmer. I have worked on a number of projects over the years. I started my emulation career by forking the 6809 CPU core in MESS into a 6309 CPU core. Most people believe the Hitachi 6309 is just a pin compatible 6809, but it also includes a number of improvements. More registers, more instructions, and a mode that runs most instructions in fewer clock cycles.

Then I started helping out with the Color Computer drivers in MESS. I rewrote the floppy disk controller to support reading of different size sectors. Added track read, and finally DMK disk image support. I did this so I could run my Diecom games without breaking the copy-protection. I also added 1 bit sound support so the heart beat in Dungeons of Daggorath would work.

Afterwards I became interested in the Speech/Sound Cartridge. I wrote a brand new CPU core for the device, the TMS7000. In December of 2006 I ported a SP0256 emulation from Joe Zbiciak to work as a MAME/MESS sound core. The SP0256 is really cool speech chip. In June of 2017 I finished the S/SC emulation in MAME.

One long term project I have for MESS is to re-implement the WD179X core. The current code is focused on being sector based, and I think a better emulation would focus on emulating a rotating disk. This was eventually done in MAME independent of me.

I am married and have two children. They sometimes complain about my hobbies. But the reality of the situation is I put them first.

Old Email Addresses

My first email address on the internet was akabar@aol.com, that was from around 1992 thru 1994. Then I got a Netcom dial up UNIX account and used tlindner@netcom.com. Netcom changed their plans sometime around 1996 and I had to change to tlindner@ix.netcom.com. I had that email address up until mid 2006.

My current email address can be discovered by taking the domain name of this web site and changing the first dot to an at sign.