Color Disk EDTASM Symbol Table

The Color Disk EDTASM assembler has the option of writing a symbol table to the end of binaries it produces. You enable the feature by including the /WS switch during assembly to disk. The symbol table can be used by the stand alone ZBUG debugger.

Invoking the switch will add extra data after the LOADM post-amble. Here is how that data is formatted. First is the header. This is always 5 bytes in length.

Length Example Value Description
1 Byte 01 Seems to be constant
2 Bytes 0019 The total length of the symbols and values, plus one
2 Bytes 0000 Seems to be constant

Next you will find a table entry for each symbol and value pair.

Length Example Value Description
1 Byte 84 Length of the symbol text, with the high bit set
n Bytes DONE Symbol name, ASCII encoded
2 Bytes 0004 Symbol value

And finally is the footer. a single constant byte:

Length Example Value Description
1 Byte 0 Seems to be constant

It should be noted the Assembler and ZBUG pair can only handle symbols with a maximum of six characters.