Sophie (Edited)

My brothers first child was born seven and a half weeks early. This flodded back the memories of when Magean was born 5 and a half weeks early.
I decided to not contact my brother, directly. We don’t call each other very often. My strongest memory back when Megan was born is how much I wanted to be left alone.
A few weeks after her birth our family stoped by his new business (a Quiznos franchise). It was all my wife’s doing. We talked about Sophie and his new business. During the visit I went from a diehard Subway fan to a Quiznos lover.
Just a few days ago I learned the Sophies first stool didn’t completely exit her colon and caused some damage that required surgery. She’s doing better now, but they are watching her closely.
My sister says I should call my brother, I said I would. But haven’t done it yet.