The fax machine is one of the most horrible inventions of all time. A device that rasterizes information with such ease should be banned from the earth!
About a decade ago Adobe tried to get everyone excited about Postscript faxing. I really liked the idea of sending vectors around the globe. But the public didn’t. Very few fax machine ever included that option.
But today I sent my daughter, Bethany, her first fax. Here I’ll record the circumstance of this for posterity!
After school today we went directly to an orthodontist appointment. There we waited for her mother, my wife, to show up after a doctors appointment she was at with our other daughter, Megan. As usual she was running late. I needed my wife to arrive so I could leave for work.
Just as I was about to call her on her cell phone she turned the corner and started to park. I sent Bethany to the front door of the office kissed my wife hello/goodbye and I was on my way.
After getting to work (a 40 minute drive) my wife called to tell me I had my daughters school back pack in my car. She would need me to fax her any homework she needed.
It turned out to be two pages from two workbooks. I asked if I could tear out the pages, but was told not to. So I decided to copy them and fax the copies.
It all worked well. By now the homework is done and hopefully the girls are getting ready for bed.