The 2017 Post

It seems I’m only doing year end posts now. I’m not happy about this. If I wanted to do it more, I’d do it more. So let do it more!
In April of 2017 I went to the CoCoFest in Chicago. I met with my many wonderful friends. Learned a lot of new things. One thing I did different this year is I got a late flight out Monday, around 5 PM. After checking out of the hotel I took a cab to downtown Chicago and spent some time sight-seeing. It was really fun and decided to do it again in 2018. Although in 2018 I think I’ll head straight to a museum. Spend the whole day in there.
In early July I flew to Oregon and spent a week with my sister in Sun River. A lovely place to rent cabins and go to the nearby waterpark. We also went to an Observatory, where I saw the rings of Saturn for the first time. My Uncle Mel also joined us for the trip and he made the whole thing 200% more fun. The lava cast forrest also deserves a mention as a really neat place to visit.
In late July I had a week of hell, also known as the best week ever. On Thursday, July 26 I went into The City to watch a live Mystery Science Theatre 3000 show (Movie: Eegah). Then the next day I went back for a second show (Movie: Argoman the Fantastic Superman). Then the next day I went back for an OMD show. They played some fantastic new stuff from their recently released album. Then the next day I flew to Los Angeles and saw OMD again with 5 other 80s bands. Then the next day, Sunday, my daughter (Megan) and I went to Universal Studios. Whew!
In November the Wine Country Fires took my brother’s home. He and his family then moved to Portland. Bummer for me, good for my sister.
In December I flew to England to spend time with my other daughter (Bethany). We made our way to Garmisch Germany. We stayed at a nice hotel, spa. Visited the Linderhoff Palace. And toured a microbrew; Griesbräu Zu Murnau. In German it was nicely covered in snow, very beautiful.
In late December my boss of many, many years decided to up and move to Oregon. And I also signed up for Tinder.