It turns out my favorite band is OMD. I know this because of some interesting behavior I’ve noticed about my iPod usage.
I mainly use my iPod on my drive to and from work five days a week. On average my commute time is an hour each way. I am usually sitting there with my hand on my ipod (in the seat next to me).
I have two playlists, No Classical and No TMBG. The no classical playlist is every song I have except my classical music. The no TMBG playlist is all of my music except the classical and my They Might Be Giants library. I have so much TMBG music that it’ll be easy for me hear three or four songs in a row of TMBG music without any other band in there. This is my usual playlist because most of the time I just don’t want to hear that much TMBG.
I listen to these playlists on shuffle. But during playback I’ll forward thru a song as soon as I remember it and have determined that I don’t want to listen it. This happens all the time. Except for one band. Whenever I hear the start of an Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark song I take my hand off the iPod and sit back (and usually sing along). One of my earliest memories is seeing OMD on American Bandstand on TV. It was a real fluke to see them play as I never watched that show regularly. Below is the last remaining bit of an OMD tee shirt that my sister gave to me.