Yesterday I went to VCF 8.0. I had a lot of fun. I sat thru three presentations. The first one was a presentation called The Future of Pinball. I thought it was a odd title for a presentation at the Vintage Computer festival. But a few minutes into the movie I realized that the documentary was about a product of Williams Pinball called Pinball 2000 which was suppose to take pinball into the 21st century. Overall I give the movie a thumbs up. The producer is looking for a television deal and will produce DVDs soon after.

Next I watched the Homebrew Computer Club 30th anniversary retrospective. It consisted of a panel of former members. The only celebrity was Steve Wozniak. Woz told a funny joke. People spoke of what the club exterience was like. Overall, a lot of fun. I was glad it ran long.

Then I watched Sellam Ismail’s Q&A/Show & Tell session. He was entertaining as usual.

After that I went thru the Computer History Museum’s Computer Chess exhibit. A very nice display of artifacts, plus multimedia explanations of everything. Here is what really caught my eye:
I noticed the Color Computer ROM Pak of Chess produced by Radio Shack. It was nice to see my favorite computer represented in such an exhibit.

Then I wandered upstairs to view the exhibits. The only thing that really caught my eye was the TTL CPU. That really geeked me out. He had a wonderful LED display of the current internal state of the CPU — a real blur of flashing lights.