Just now I was looking thru iPhoto to find another picture to post to Flickr. I came across this photo:
I could not help but think this was the last time my PowerBook 100 ran correctly. I was going to use it to upload Intellivision games to my Intellicart at my 2003 Intellivision display at the Vintage Computer Festival 6.0.
The Intellivision uploader I wrote (in REALBasic) would not run on the PB100 because its operating system was so old. I remember hauling out a Macintosh Quadra 610 and installing an old copy of CodeWarrior to write a simple drag and drop Intellivision Uploader. It worked beautifully. But the next day my Powerbook would not boot. I just got sad mac error codes (pointing to faulty memory) and that was it. A dead Powerbook 100.
I instead took the Quadra 610 to the exhibit. The funny thing is the DigiBarn had a nice exhibit of old Macs at the show. They included a PowerBook 100.