2001 Kia Rio

Last night, on my way home, my “Check Engine” light came on as I went thru the Caldacot tunnel. I decided not to stop and just continue for home. When I got home I read my owners manual and found out that light speciffically means: Something is wrong with the emmisions systems. There is no immediate danger, but the issues should be looked into as soon as possible. It also said that this light would go on is the gas cap was not tighten properly.
Hmm, I thought to myself, I should into that tomorrow morning.
This morning I decided to take my car into the shop. I went to our regular guy, and his building was empty! I called my friend to find out where he moved to and I could not get any signals on my cell phone. I drove to her house and she was not there. I drove back to my house and called here again.
This time we talked and she told me to “Make a u-turn at Shell and he is three doors down.” So I went up the street a little and made a u-turn the Shell gas station and didn’t find anything three doors down.
So I called her back and said as much. Debbie promptly informed me that I need to do a u-turn at Shell Avenue. D’oh. Shell Avenue is down the street the other way.
After I found the place I told the guy what had happened, and he asked me “When was the last time you got gas?”
“Monday morning”, I replied.
“Because if the gas cap is loose that light will come on.”
So we went to my car ad I turned the gas cap a little. It seemed tight as usual. So we talked about how I am at 59,900 miles and need service anyway. So we scheduled it for tomorrow morning.
When I started my car to go, the “Check Engine” light turned off.