Lost Predictions

I’ve become a huge fan of Lost recently. I watched a smattering of seasons 1 and 2 and watched all of season 3. I really caught up on Lost by reading all of the epsiode synopses on Lostpedia.

During season 3 every time I would get angry about how an episode turned out, my boss would always remind me that it is the journey that is the reward.

Like any fan I have my predictions on how the series is going to progress. Since new episodes are a long way off, I am going to record them here.

It has been said there are three seasons left. I feel Locke’s last line at the end of season 3 is very telling, “Jack, you’re not supposed to do this!”. The flash forwards telling of jack’s demise into his own abyss, and his final, “We got to go back!” make it clear to me that season 4 will start on the island just after the phone call. Over the course of the season we will learn how correct Ben was in predicting the death of everyone on the island (Ben is prone to a little hyperbole). How Locke becomes the new leader of the others and how the Dharma Initiative regains control of the island.

Season four will end just where season 3 did. At that Airport, with Kate. But this time Jack will either send himself, or be sent, back to the time just before the phone call was made. Then season five starts with him not making that phone call. We progress through the entire season 5 with events just a little bit different for Jack to become the hero he is destined to become. This time he will be able to save everyone on the island.

This leaves season six. I predict a sort of clean up season explaining how the island works and other details not to crucial to the story.

I do hope Tom is still alive.