Air Foil

A few weeks ago Bethany asked my father for help doing her science fair project. She had heard that Lyndie (her cousin) received help last year.
My Dad bought me a model kit of the Wright Flyer. His idea was to build the kit for the project. The project would be on modern flight.
I liked the idea but the model would have been too large to fit in the allotted space during the fair. I explained to both of them that building just a wing would be more than sufficient. They ignored me and decided to build the plane anyway. That was OK with me. But I decided to build the wing just-in-case.
The wing is about five inched long and rides on the plastic shaft up and down. A fan is used to provide the wind.
My father currently doesn’t have the time to finish the Wright Flyer with Bethany so everyone is fine with the work I’ve done. It is now Bethany’s job to learn all about air foils and the Bernoulli effect.